Musings on Covid and an ointment for dry skin

It is so difficult to begin writing after such a long break. The spring and summer of this year were one of the most challenging times for us all. We are still struggling through them and are trying to build a new normal, to imagine the post-Covid world and ourselves in this new reality. I wanted to write something wise and uplifting but I was betrayed by my words, by all the languages I can speak and write in and by all the thoughts that were fighting their own demons in my head. I haven’t written for weeks. I couldn’t […] Read more »

Gluten-free oat and cranberry cookies

Happy Spring Everyone! We are all on a slight home arrest. Covid-19 spread its tentacles all over the world, and the world stood still. We are at home with our children; better and worse halves; pets (who probably can’t believe their luck) and the cupboards full of toilet rolls As we are now on lock-down and should leave our houses only when we absolutely have to, I suppose quick escapades to our local shop for a ‘midnight snack’ have come to an end as well (she sobbed quietly in her tissue, washing her hands straight after). So let’s welcome home […] Read more »

Body Speaks – let’s listen to our past and future

Bodies come in all shapes and sizes. Well, I hadn’t discovered anything new here. The thing we keep forgetting about though is that bodies come in all shapes and sizes, and that is OK. What is more, that’s actually far better than OK – it’s wonderful. In the culture that perfect body image sits on such a high pedestal, it is something that is easy to forget. What is perfect body image in our culture? I’m afraid it’s young, enhanced and similar looking. There is not much space for diversity, or for simply getting older. The pedestaled image must remain […] Read more »

Nervine teas

December has come at last and Christmas is just around the corner. Days are short, nights are long and cold. What little light we’ve got in our 24h clock we’re using for working and frantic shopping sprees to get everything ready before the big day. When we finally get home, we’re tired and very often grumpy. Late night shopping, online retailers, it’s all supposed to help our stress levels, but in my experience it is another reason contributing to our stress response. This is the reason I’d like to introduce nervine teas. Nervines are herbs that specifically support the nervous […] Read more »

Live life in your own way

I once had a friend.  Well I thought he was my true friend and because of that I trusted his opinions more than I ever trusted myself. I was sharing with him my children’s story while I was writing it and he was very helpful and encouraging – like friends usually are. My sister loved what I wrote, but she is my family – it’s in her job description to love and support me. I trusted my friend’s opinion because I thought he didn’t have any family based engagement with me, so why would he not be honest? When I […] Read more »

Home-Made Granola

My confession of the month is that I like sweet things, I just do. I know how inflammatory sugar is, but my love for sweetness very often clouds my judgment in choice making, especially when it comes to breakfast. So I have put my thinking hat on and decided to find a healthier solution that is still delicious and sweet. This is how after many trials I have come to the recipe that I’m going to share here with you. There are no nasty things here and you can tailor it to your own needs. Because of my son’s nut […] Read more »

Reiki – energy for life

I was thinking and hoping at the beginning of 2019 – hoping for a better year, a better world, a better me. I was wondering how can I achieve this goal and make this year better and more meaningful. How can I immerse myself with love for the world and others. I found out that I’ve known the answer to this question for a very long time – the answer lies inside me, and more precisely in the love that I hold for myself. Because only in loving myself first can I open my heart to the world and to […] Read more »

The Sacred Blood

I’m truly worried by the attitude and perception that menstrual blood has in our society today. It’s surprising that this red substance can still conjure such strong emotions not only in men but also in women. Why are we still in the grasp of such an outdated outlook? Maybe the secret to it lies in the history of human perception of blood? In many cultures blood is considered as the dwelling of the life force, the most sacred of things. In many beliefs it’s an abode of divine energy or human soul. Some blood rituals can bring rain or fertility, […] Read more »

Gluten free oat berry muffins

My friends all know how much I love food. I do truly it’s one of the loves of my life. I was devastated when two years ago I had to remove gluten from my diet. I’m not a gourmet chef, I’m actually no chef at all, and when I looked at the list of things I wouldn’t be able to eat, I felt like crying. I actually did cry – that’s how much I love food. But two years down the line, after embracing the impossible and removing most dairy products from my diet, I’m improving – health wise and […] Read more »

Luxury for your skin

When I started writing this blog, winter was slowly spreading her icy fingers all over England. She left all her beautiful drawings on the blades of grass and last year’s leaves. Now the days are longer and the promise of summer hangs in the air. All the birds in my garden woke up with exiting urgency and frenzy. My brain is in spring mode and my skin is asking for some attention and TLC. Slowly even I begin to worship the coming summer. In my last blog I shared with you how to make herbal infused oil. I hope you’ve tried […] Read more »