Menarche Ceremony

menarche ceremony

Menarche is one of the most important rites of passage in the life of a young girl. The way she’ll go through this rite will impact her approach to menstruation and her cycle for the rest of her life. During this rite she is welcomed with open hands into womanhood and the ritual will allow her to accept the changes that come along with puberty and to feel confident and happy in her sacred femininity. This ceremony honours not only the girl but womanhood itself and brings forth the knowledge of belonging into a vast sisterhood of other women going through the same physical and emotional changes. Sadly, in our patriarchal culture this ritual is largely forgotten and women are no longer considered to have a special sacred nature. I think it’s time to change that approach and return menstruation and feminine cycles to their rightful place. Celebrating menarche will enhance its social approbation by the community and will enable a young girl to gain a strong sense of self-worth and belonging. This is an empowering and timeless celebration. 

This rite of passage can be offered to anyone who has a female reproductive system, no matter the age. The importance of this ceremony lies in its reclamation of the inner-power as a woman. For the girl bleeding for the first time it will imprint in her whole being that she is worthy, powerful and that her flow is sacred. For the woman already bleeding or even for one who has already crossed the gates of menopause, it will reaffirm her womanhood, and will bring power back to the rite that deserved to be honoured. 

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