Sacred Womb Guidance

If working in a group with other women doesn’t appeal to you, I have you covered, Sister. Let me guide you individually into the secrets and the mysteries of your womb. Into knowledge that will give you freedom.

Would you like to truly meet and understand your body? Please join me on this quest of healing, cyclicity, ancestral lines, and a journey through your yoni into the depth of your womb wisdom. Together, holding my hand, cross the threshold and become Yoni Wise.

sacred womb

You will learn:

  • How to genuinely track your menstrual cycle and use it as a compass in daily life 
  • How to connect with and listen to your womb’s voice
  • Tools to navigate subtle energetic currents 
  • Practical tools for different phases of your cycle
  • Track, feel and utilise the interaction between the Moon and the Menstrual Cycle
  • Daily womb practice and meditation
  • Healing the Mother and Father line
  • Finding balance between the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine inside you
  • And much more!

Join our monthly meetings in person or on-line, connect with the consciousness of your womb and follow your inner voice to live in harmony with your true nature!

Investment: £50/meeting