Yoni Wise

Yoni is a doorway into the place of feminine power and strength – our womb. The womb is the centre. The centre of our creation, our will, our potential, it’s the centre of our being. It is a place where everything begins and where everything comes back to in the end. It is a stronghold of power. Can we ever lose this strength – NO. But we can choose not to listen to her call, not to answer all her whispers. We can choose to block our ears and hearts and to slam the gates of our Yoni sealed. Why would we do that?

The reasons are many and different to each and every one of us. Those reasons tighten the shackles holding us back. They stop us from realising our true potential. What happens if I had a hysterectomy, you would ask. Does it mean I cannot realise my full potential anymore? Nothing is more misleading than that thought. The womb is present in our bodies threefold. It’s consisting of physical womb, energetical womb and spiritual womb and they all merge into the threshold of wisdom. We can never lose that, we can only chose to remain deaf to the signs our bodies are giving us. What is this threshold of wisdom? It’s the wisdom of generations of women, who have walked the Earth before us. Wisdom inherited genetically and gained throughout the journey of our lives, wisdom that we will pass onto our daughters; the wisdom of the cycle of healing, the union of the sisterhood of understanding and love; the wisdom that lies in the empowerment of femininity – knowledge that gives us freedom.

Would you like to truly meet and understand your body?  

Please join me on this quest of healing, cyclicity, ancestral lines, and a quest through our yoni into the depth of our womb of wisdom. Together with other women, holding hands with your sisters cross the threshold and become Yoni Wise.

You will learn:

  • How to genuinely track your menstrual cycle and
    use it as a compass in daily life
  • How to connect with and listen to your womb’s
  • Tools to navigate subtle energetic currents
  • Practical tools for different phases of your cycle
  • Track, feel and utilise the interaction between
    the Moon and the Menstrual Cycle
  • Daily womb practice and meditation
  • Healing the Mother and Father line
  • Finding balance between the Divine Feminine and
    Masculine inside you
  • And much more!

Join our monthly meetings, connect with the consciousness of your womb and follow your inner voice to live in harmony with your true nature!

The groups are closed, which means that the same participants will meet on a regular basis creating a community and sisterhood of support and compassion. This is the place where you can feel yourself and be received as you are, without judgement, but with love and with wisdom of our wombs.

The investment: £30/person/month

Please contact me for details of group openings