Jodie, Cambridge

Having known Agnieszka for many years, I have received many Reiki treatments from her so I was aware of her gifts and talents as a practitioner.  On a personal level she has the ability to inspire confidence and trust with her professional approach without ever losing her sense of humour. These are invaluable qualities in any therapist. However, receiving a Zero Balancing treatment with Agnieszka was a totally new and surprising experience for me.

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Zero Balancing works on both an anatomical and energetic level; Agnieszka’s professional practice of Reiki compliments this energetic aspect of the treatment. A Zero Balancing practitioner also has a detailed understand of the skeletal structure which is worked upon directly using gentle finger pressure during the session. The combination of energetic awareness with structural anatomy makes it a very effective and holistic treatment. It reduces stress levels, releases tension in your body and mind and leaves you restored and relaxed.

At the beginning of the session I told Agnieszka a little about my lifestyle and my physical aches and pains, primarily tension in my neck area. She then visually examined me, checking for any visible imbalances in my skeletal system. The treatment itself was very gentle; while lying on my back, Agnieszka worked on the back of my body, moving her hands underneath me to perform the gentle finger pressure. She worked on points down my back, legs, neck and also my face. The pressure felt very comfortable. She also held my legs in some very gentle stretches. During the session I could feel myself begin to relax more and more deeply; when Agnieszka told me the session had been completed, I found I really had to take my time, getting up off the therapy table as I was so relaxed.

The primary thing that appealed to me about Zero Balancing is that unlike massage I could remain fully clothed, the touch was so gentle and unintrusive and that the treatment itself was deeply relaxing with the effects staying with me for several days. However, receiving a treatment specifically from Agnieszka has special advantages – primarily that Agnieszka made me feel totally safe and cared for.

Mike, Cambridge

I have been seeing Agnieszka for Zero Balancing treatment to help relieve my stress and work towards a better work-life balance. I have now had several sessions with Agnieszka and am very impressed with the outcome so far.

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When we began ZB treatment I was unfamiliar with the techniques used, but Agnieszka explained everything clearly and carefully, and took great care in making sure I was relaxed and comfortable throughout the procedure. Her patience and gentleness calmed me, and a good deal of tension disappeared from me almost immediately. The operation of the technique soon eased the tightness in my back and limbs. I began to feel lighter in my body and my mind became much clearer.

The benefits of the treatment were apparent to me very quickly. As I settled into the therapy I noticed, happily, that I was becoming much less stressed and feeling better able to cope with whatever life threw at me. As treatment has progressed I have become more relaxed, my concentration has improved and I feel much more attuned to myself and the world around me. I’m certain that this improvement, both physical and emotional, will continue. For this confidence, as well as the therapy itself, I have Agnieszka to thank.

Rachel and Angela, Swaffham Prior

We’re first time mums to baby Joseph born on 1st March 2013 and we couldn’t have done it without Agnieszka. Joe was an assisted conception so we wanted our labour and delivery to be as natural as it possibly could and Agnieszka really helped us with that. She visited us at home in the last few weeks of pregnancy to discuss labour and to give us a chance to practice positions and techniques we could use at home. She also performed Reiki on Rachel to help her relax. Agnieszka always kept in touch via text, phone and email at the end of the pregnancy, and was always on hand to answer any questions we had and to give advice.

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Joe came 13 days past his due date, but luckily just missed induction. Rachel’s waters broke at 3am on 28th February and we phoned Agnieszka for help. She came with us to the hospital at 5am for an initial assessment. We were sent home to wait for contractions which started at 10am the same day. We managed the latent stage of labour at home, using some of the techniques we’d been taught, until 6pm when Agnieszka arrived to help as the contractions were getting stronger.

All three of us stayed at home throughout that evening and night managing the contractions as they got stronger and closer together. Agnieszka was invaluable as she made sure we were all eating and drinking properly and she stayed with Rachel while Ange had much needed sleep. She helped with breathing, positioning and performed Reiki and massage with every contraction and also issued homeopathic remedies. Not to mention the moral support and humour that she gave us. It’s very important to laugh and stay as relaxed as possible!

We finally got to the midwife-led birthing unit at the Rosie at 8am on the 1st March and the contractions were coming thick and fast. Agnieszka was with us throughout the final stages of labour at the hospital and Joe finally arrived at 2.30pm naturally. Rachel managed the whole labour on 2 paracetamol and lots of Opal Fruits, but this wouldn’t have been possible without Agnieszka.

Agnieszka remained on hand during the first weeks of Joe being at home and came for a home visit to make sure we were all OK. It was really helpful to discuss and remember the labour with her and to help us both recover. She made sure Rachel was physically and mentally well and offered many useful suggestions about recovery and coping with a newborn.

We cannot recommend Agnieszka enough as a doula. She is kind, understanding, calm, knowledgeable, and has such a good sense of humour. She made us feel relaxed and in charge of our labour. She was always there, but never in the way or trying to take over: an invaluable extra set of hands at time when you need them most. It was also incredibly important to have a sensible third party on hand who with a cool head could offer advice on big decisions without being too emotionally involved.

Labour and birth is one of the most intense experiences you can ever go through so do not hesitate to ask for help and who better to ask than Agnieszka.

Angela, Cambridge

I have suffered from back and shoulder pain for many years and have tried various forms of treatment. Having now tried Zero Balancing and Reiki with Agnieszka I can say that these gentle, non-invasive forms of treatment have proved to be most effective. At the end of a session I am left with a warm, relaxed sense of well-being and greatly reduced pains. I can most certainly recommend Agnieszka.

Kasia and Greg and baby Amelia, Cambridge

Agnieszka was our doula when we were expecting our first baby. She was very supportive and shared her huge expertise with us throughout the whole pregnancy, labour and after giving a birth. She was always happy to give advice/recommendations for me and my partner and played a role of educator, counsellor, help-giver, sanity checker, nurse and a friend. She was comforting, warm, gentle and loving every time we have seen her. She came to our house when my water broke (because it was 6 weeks earlier me and my boyfriend we were frightened) and was the one that called the Hospital to ask all the necessary questions. She was very professional and emotionally supportive, which helped me to stay relaxed and calm.

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During the birth she was giving me Reiki which allowed me to have a natural birth and it also helped the baby to stay calm during a really long period  while I was pushing. She encouraged and comforted me. She was with me all the time even when my partner had some sleep. She was giving me suggestions on positions (to release the pain) and was massaging my back. She wiped my face from sweat, supported my legs and she was telling me what was going on (i.e. when she could see the baby’s head). I could not hold my baby straight after birth because the doctors had to do all the checks on our baby, she helped me to take a shower (basically she bathed me). and she was very supportive. She gathered all the information about the baby (the baby was healthy and strong). Then she comforted us and went with us to see our baby. She showed me breastfeeding methods and showed me very important skin-to-skin contact, which I was allowed to have with my premature daughter at that stage.

I cannot recommend Agnieszka enough. She was so supportive,  very professional and calm throughout the whole pregnancy, during the labour, and after the birth that it made the whole experience so wonderful and priceless. Each visit before the birth helped put any of our worries and concerns to ease and made us feel prepared for our labour and delivery. When my water broke (at 34 weeks) Agnieszka was just amazing! Thanks to her I was able to have all natural birth. She helped us in everything from finding a way in the Hospital to giving me and the baby Reiki, which help with releasing the pain.

She is so gifted and dedicated at what she does. Her experience enabled me and the baby to stay comfortable and relax! She helped me to become a good and confident mother and gave me so many tips that carried me through the next months of motherhood.