Closing the Bones Ceremony

closing the bones

Living life as a woman is filled with the experiences of opening and letting out – we menstruate, create, give birth, and let our hormones and emotions flow in, out and all around. We are opening ourselves to the world physically and energetically, but very often we forget to close ourselves afterwards and that leaves us not only open at all times, but also very often empty. 

Closing the bones is a postpartum healing ceremony, from South American tradition, where the new mother is massaged, wrapped and cared for. This not only helps the new mother to find herself once again as a person in one body after the journey of pregnancy and birth, but also it is a celebration, a moment of sacredness between women, their bodies, their emotions and needs.

Closing the bones can help a new mother with the transition into motherhood, but it is also a beautiful ceremony for women of all ages to help with transitions provided by life and to all who wish to cherish their femininity in this special way. It will guide your mind and body into a menopause, new job, new project, life after divorce, loss or a prolonged time of stress. Closing the bones ceremony can help with this because it provides a safe space for a woman and gives her permission to feel nurtured and to release emotions associated with this change and transformation. 

The ‘closing’ space will be safe and filled with warmth, candle-light, soothing aromas and music. You will be able to relax your body into a gentle massage with warming essential oils and the ‘closing’ will be done by gently rocking your hips and body with the help of rebozo (a long scarf used by South American women from birthing to death rituals and for everyday use), massaging your abdomen and then gently wrapping key areas of your body. Once closed, you will be able to lie quietly for as long as you would like, enjoying the experience of closeness to yourself and your body. Closing the bones will give you time to process what had happened to your body during your transition and will bring you closure, relaxation and peace. This ceremony honours all women and is important in helping to deal with any situation that has been an overwhelming trial – no matter what age, race or religion. It will help you to feel safe, nourished, held in highest respect and it will help you to re-gather and rebuild your energy levels. It will help you to regain your strength. 

Please allow at least 120 minutes for this ceremony.

Your investment: £120 in my therapy room

Your investment: £150 at your home (Cambridge area only)