Open your soul to the weave of the Wheel of Life and Weave with the Spirit

Welcome. My name is Agnieszka and I am a teacher, Medicine Woman and Sacred Weaver.

 I am weaving sacrum into our daily lives. Through connection with the Spirit I am allowing healing to channel through me, to become me. I hold a deep love to the healing power of energy, and I try to live my live according to Reiki and Shamanic principles – together with the Spirit.

 In my practice I weave from threads of different traditions as well as from the knowledge of my womb and the Sacred Feminine. The combination of studies I underwent and personal experience has enlightened me with the ability and insight to give expert treatments and ceremonies in a way that is healing, sympathetic, reassuring and filled with compassion. It fuels my desire to help others to find comfort and fulfilment of their needs through therapies I offer. It allows me to perform a healing process which empowers the client, enhancing their life force and bringing them to a place of well-being and contentment. 

I live with my family in Cambridge, UK, teaching, seeing clients and organising courses in person and on-line.

I would like to invite you on this weaving journey with me and together we can weave a better world. 

Open your soul to the Weave of the Wheel of Life and Weave with the Spirit. 

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