Cacao Ceremony

cacao ceremony

Cacao Ceremony is a spiritual and shamanic experience. It belongs to Plant Shamanism as we are working together with the Spirit of Cacao – beautiful guide, teacher, master plant, midwife and friend.    

Engaging with Cacao in a ritual is very healing and has positive impact not only on the individual but also on the entire global ecosystem. It is a space allowing us not only to connect with each other, but also to reconnect with ancient parts of ourselves that remember the trust in the Spirit and the power that lies in gathering together in community. 

During Cacao Ceremony I will offer you a safe, nourishing environment to connect with the Spirit of Cacao and with your inner-wisdom. The group will be led through Cacao invocation, Cacao drinking, guided meditation, music, journaling and sharing time. 


The Ceremonial Cacao that I use is sourced, made and prepared with intention and love in a sacred way. Each ceremony will hold different intention guided by the Cacao Spirit and my personal Spirit Helpers and Guides. We will get clarity, insight, and through interconnection with the Spirit and our ‘inner-net’ deep spiritual healing. Being in the sacred space with Cacao will help us to open our hearts and to find answers to many questions. 

Are you ready to open yourself to the Spirit of Cacao?

Are you ready to embrace your inner-knowledge?

Please join me in our monthly Cacao Ceremony.

Your investment: £30/ ceremony