Healing with the Elements – Earth

EarthWe are all born as elemental children of the universe. We are all connected through the beautiful universal web of life. Each of us originated from the same source. From the powerful, elemental ancestors of Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Our bodies are elemental and composed of water – blood, earth – flesh of our beautiful bodies, fire – energy, and air – breath. Through archetypal knowledge we are given the lessons and the opportunities that will enable us to change. To flow with the Great Mystery of Life. We are all the Elemental Women and Elemental Men, and we are ready to remember this once again.

Our journey through the elements began in the depths of primordial Waters. We discovered what being truly means. We surrendered and allowed the Water to show us how to flow, how to become fluid, how to allow for the rupture to happen so we can be born. How to allow the feminine to hold us and how to relate to the Great Mother – the mother that could still be present in our lives. As in life everything is in constant motion, so is the wheel of the Great Spiral. The Water dries on our skins, and we can feel the solidity of Earth in our lives. And as Water was teaching us about being – the Earth is all about doing.

In the Earth realm we enter the domain of form. Our dreams and visions cultivated by Water are ready and want to become embodied. It is time to turn from fluidity of Water into something more substantial. From the flow into shape, from motion into materialization. Earth brings us more into our body – into this vessel given to contain our present life. Earth holds this container so the new life can form.

The energy of Earth is very practical, grounding; we’re going back to basics, back to our roots. Consciousness cannot take form without body, without bones, without structure holding it all together. Earth cannot take form without the bones laid upon her – without our ancestors (Standing People, Green People, Two-Legged People, and Four-Legged People). If there would be no soil, no death, no decay, there would be no fertilizer, and nothing would grow – on the earth and within us. Without this form all would die. But as we are grounding into this form we are rooting deeply into the Mother and deeply into ourselves. The knowledge of the soil and all the beings turned into it resides in our DNA – this is the soil of our being, our seed, and our legacy. But looking into our legacy is not easy. Truly looking there is painful, scary and we often simply don’t want to do it. Why bring out the skeletons from the closet? Being and floating is more comfortable. Well, maybe, but without the form, without the structure and cathedral of the skeleton change cannot happen, and we get stuck – stuck between fear and the flow.

Life is energy and energy flows, constantly – through difficult and easy, through light and darkness. But when we give in to this flow, we’ll come upon the restriction, confinement, container. We may begin to feel being held back, stuck in, or even under. We are descending into the Earth, into the shadow, into the dark, uncomfortable wisdom, into the wisdom of our origin. And in the Womb of the Mother we can begin to look back into ourselves and into where we came from – into our Family of Origin. This is very difficult and can leave us gasping for air – but the Earth will ground us and support us in our discoveries. In this state we are nurtured by the Earth and by the Great Mother. It may sound strange, but we need to realise that our mothers, regardless of how much we love them, are transitory mothers only. They are mothers for a very short time in this physical realm – but there is another mother, The Great Mother at the beginning of it all. The Great Mother, whose womb we are seeking to come back to, so we can be reborn once again, so we can become whole and find our way back home.

As it happens even if they are only transitory, our parents and ancestors really affect our life in its wholeness. They affect and shape our believe system, culture, and leave the inheritance we have to deal with, try to understand, to relate to, and sometimes break out of in order to move forward, to flow, to live the conscious life.

On top of that, we come to this physical realm with our own background – before conception. It’s the soul’s journey – the cycles of life we have been through already. Then comes time in the womb – the first experience with our mothers. Then birth and early childhood, then teenage and early adulthood – when we gain some awareness and different perspective; when we interact with others (out of our family circle); when we become uncomfortable with ourselves, our life/relationships; when our behavioural patterns feel limiting. There is a huge difference between our behaviour and who we really are. We are carrying a deep Mother and Father wound. We come to this world with this wound already within us, and the wounds of our parents and grandparents and all the people down the line of our personal his/her-story. It can bring the feelings of great sadness and depression. It is a very heavy load to carry. Then we are born, and we simply want to survive. We want to be cared for, nurtured, and loved. We are developing our own ways to cope with all of this. Even if those ways of coping are working in our childhood, they are not sustainable anymore when we are entering our adult life. But the inner child is still very much alive in us, still very much scared, still longing for care, nurture and for love. So, we develop co-dependent behaviours – to survive, so our needs can be met. This is why the Family of Origin work is so important, as we must look into our inner-child’s eyes and allow her/him to mature, to grow up. We have to mother ourselves and those lost parts of us. Earth can become our greatest ally in this work. Earth is holding the container for life to continue living. Earth is holding and grounding your life. All you need to do is to connect to the core of Mother Earth, to the heart of Gaia. Feel her mighty presence and breathe her energy up. The power and strength of Mother Gaia is the mirror image of your own power and strength.

Earth is solidity, basis, foundation, your own root, and ability of uprooting yourself in your life and surroundings. Earth is your physical body, embodiment, growth, nature, density, fertility, the food that sustains you. Earth is also feminine, receptive, nourishing, and a nurturing force.  It’s your strength and sustenance.

Earth brings reliability, practicality, realism, security, acceptance, patience, and relentlessness. In her shadow aspect, Earth brings heaviness, dullness, boredom, stagnation, resignation, lack of initiative and ‘stuckness’.

Earth 1When I left Poland 20 years ago, I was joyous. I had this great idea that I can forget the past and uproot myself anew. If I only knew! I had no idea that I cannot simply run away from my inner-child and my ancestors and their legacy as I always carry them all within me. So, I’m working slowly through my inner structures cycle after cycle, each time discovering something new, an additional piece of the puzzle. And cycle after cycle I’m entering the depth of the earth, her darkness in my maiden self and emerge on the other side in the fullness of my queendom, ready to ignite the fire. And each time I dive in I’m being held by Mother Earth. I’m connected to her core, to her heart and she is giving me strength I need to complete this process, to re-emerge, to embody myself, to become my own form.

Now I have one more ally to carry me on this journey – my dear and beloved Mama Cacao. With her gentleness, softness, and incredible amount of love this beautiful plant ally is helping me to connect to the structures within, to my past and to my future.

I would like to invite you to a beautiful Cacao and Earth Ceremony. Let us dive deeply into our memories, into the structures of our bodies and our Family of Origin. Let us rediscover our fertility, femininity, and safety. Let us remember as much of who we are as it is possible for us in this moment in time. Let us return to the womb of the Great Mother, so we can recreate ourselves and be born anew. So, we can re-find ourselves and our connection with life, universe, and each other. So, we can find our way back to ourselves. Our way back home. 

May the Earth hold you in safety and ground you deeply into your roots, allowing the memories to shift and in the safest way possible, uncovering the treasures buried within.

With love,