Healing with the Elements – Water

WaterWe are all born as elemental children of the universe. We are all connected through the beautiful universal web of life. Each of us originated from the same source. From the powerful, elemental ancestors of Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Our bodies are elemental and composed of water – blood, earth – flesh of our beautiful bodies, fire – energy, and air – breath. Through archetypal knowledge we are given the lessons and the opportunities that will enable us to change. To flow with the Great Mystery of Life. We are all the Elemental Women and Elemental Men, and we are ready to remember this once again.

There is much to be written about the elements and their importance in our everyday lives, and this is mentioned in my book ‘Dancing with Goddesses: the archetypal journey through the menstrual cycle’ (coming out soon) and will be the topic of my next book – ‘Womb Shamanism – the Elemental Woman’.

To understand it deeply we really must open ourselves to the wisdom of being the elemental children of the universe, the divine creations of our ancestors – the human and the elemental ones. And divine we are, as the Spirit is embodied within us. We are the Spirit made flesh. And when we look at the elements, we must remember that just like us, they have both a spiritual and material aspect at the same time. Only through this knowledge and remembrance we can alchemize our lives. Only through this alchemy we can allow change, to grow, develop, flourish and to become better versions of ourselves. To become who we were meant to be.

Our body is like a cauldron that mixes all the elements together and, in our wombs, (or Tanden) the flesh, the blood, the breath, and the energy come together in a beautiful alchemical miracle. The physicality and the spirit joined together in the sacred union. They infuse one another, mixing and brewing and when the shift happens and the right season turns, the best representative for us in this moment will surface through. And it may be different for you and me, depending where we are on our life journey – but it may also be the same. The elements are filled with manifestation. Some of the elemental manifestations are quite natural and obvious. The stability of the Earth, transformative powers of the Fire, the fluidity of Water and the expansiveness of Air, they are all dancing within us, looking for our own, individual balance. The art of elemental knowledge is to dive deeply into each and every one of them to feel how we embody each one in different aspects of our lives. We can call different allies for help to deepen our knowledge and experience of different elements. We can call the elemental plants, elemental stones, elemental stories, and of course we can connect to the elements themselves, and by connecting with them and balancing them, we can invite healing into our lives.

For me personally one of the most important Teacher and Ally is the Spirit of Cacao. She is elemental herself and she contains within the power and wisdom of all the elements. She is inviting us to an elemental journey, providing guidance, protection, and her wisdom. She can channel elemental understanding and can take us for a beautiful healing journey within, so we can discover, connect with, and understand our inner elemental currents, and how we can better incorporate their flow and teaching into our lives.

Our journey begins with Water.

Water is a giver of life. We are suspended in water in our mother’s bellies. They sustain us, nurture us, and allow us to grow. Water flows with emotions, with sensuality, she takes us beyond death. Water brings us forth into this world, into this life, and throughout our lifetime we are collectively suspended in the waters of the Great Mother. In Water we are given the opportunity to release unhealthy behaviors, beliefs and patterns and re-enter the womb, so we can be born anew. Water teaches us how to be. Just be, flowing through the currents of the presence. Water flows with sacred feminine, with compassion, trust, innocence, openness, and healing. Water can resolve and release past wounds and renew your life on all levels. Water flows with fertility and birth. Water is movement, flow, relaxation, and depth. Water purifies the body and mind. Water is the holy baptism. Water is the medium for visionaries. Water will help you to let go, to surrender, to feel supported and to float, to dissolve the old. Many of us have difficulty with the feminine. We are afraid to allow Water to rise in our lives. We are afraid of strong women, our sisters, mothers, grandmothers, we fear the power of the feminine. But who can stand against Water? Who can stop water breaking when the child is ready to be born? Who can stop flowing water from creating valleys and moving sand? Water destroys and gives birth to. We feel so lost because we allowed ourselves to forget that. Water cleanses us within and without. Water purifies and replenishes. Over 80% of our bodies are made from water. How can we believe that we are not influenced by this beautiful element, that we are not part of it?

In her negative aspect Water can bring to the surface spinelessness, withdrawal, dependence, stagnation, vagueness, and the feeling of victimhood. She can point to our over giving without the ability of receiving back. She can point to rotting stagnation and the lack of flow in our bodies and lives. And in her negative aspect, she points to us where we have lost our way, where we need to re-find and heal ourselves. What can we do to allow the flow to take us back onto the Sacred Spiral of Life.

If balanced, Water is a beautiful gift of life. The sensuality, femininity, compassion, the flow, the wisdom, imagination, perception, the feelings, intuition – they are all watery aspects of our being. If noticed and cherished, they can bring so much healing and peace. They can change our lives.

I would like to invite you to a beautiful Cacao and Water Ceremony. Let us dive deeply into the depths of our subconscious, into our feelings, dreams, and our beginning. Let us return to the womb of the Great Mother, so we can recreate ourselves and be born anew. So, we can re-find ourselves and our connection with life, universe, and each other. So, we can find our way back to ourselves. Our way back home. 

May the Waters move through you and help you to release what needs releasing, replenish what needs replenishing and be re-born.

With love,

Agnieszka x

Water 1
Photo: Marek Rostecki