Reiki – energy for life

I was thinking and hoping at the beginning of 2019 – hoping for a better year, a better world, a better me. I was wondering how can I achieve this goal and make this year better and more meaningful. How can I immerse myself with love for the world and others. I found out that I’ve known the answer to this question for a very long time – the answer lies inside me, and more precisely in the love that I hold for myself. Because only in loving myself first can I open my heart to the world and to […] Read more »

“Look to this day”

I have been studying and practicing Reiki for the past fifteen years. It has become to me not only a tool of healing but also, and most of all, a way of life. I try to live by Reiki principles every day and I teach their importance to all my students. There are 5 Reiki principles, and each of them start with the same words; words that are setting the intention and the time frame – JUST FOR TODAY. Why are those words so important? Because they show us how in todays’ world we can become calm, relaxed and truly […] Read more »

Closing the Bones Ceremony

Living life as a woman is filled with the experiences of opening and letting out – we menstruate, give birth, and let our hormones and emotions flow in, out and all around. We are opening ourselves into the world physically and energetically, but very often we forget to close ourselves at the end of things, which leaves us not only open at all times, but also very often empty. Is there anything out there that can help women change this state? Yes, there is. Closing the bones is a postpartum healing ceremony, from South American tradition, where the new mother […] Read more »

What is Reiki?

After devoting most of my time to study for the last few months, I am now back up and running with my therapy room and able to teach Reiki once again. I would like to share with you what it means for me and how Reiki has helped me in my everyday life. Although I took a year off teaching, doulaing and therapy, Reiki has always been an integral and very important part of my life. Reiki is Energy, and Energy is a fundamental part of all life. It is the essence of our being and all beings around us […] Read more »

The paths of life

I think there is a path created for every one of us. Sometimes we struggle to find it, sometimes it just unravels itself under our feet. Some people find it quite late in their lives, some early on, but we all find it and if we accept to follow it, we will find the meaning of true happiness. For me the pre-taste of the rightness in finding my path was when I experienced Zero Balancing for the first time. I got up from the couch and I was filled with awe and goodness and I knew this was a gift […] Read more »

Birth and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Happiness and sadness

WHAT IS POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER? The terms Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSS) are used to name a range of symptoms you may develop in response to experiencing a traumatic event which is outside of your normal human experience. It is often a delayed response. The defining characteristic of a traumatic event is its capacity to provoke fear, hopelessness or horror in response to threat, injury or death. IS IT POSSIBLE TO GET A POST NATAL PTSD? Every traumatic event during which a person is feeling threatened and responded to that threat with fear […] Read more »

Post-natal depression

Flowers and sadness

POST NATAL DEPRESSION (PND) WHAT IS POSTNATAL DEPRESSION? Post natal depression is a type of depression experienced by some women after having a baby. It usually develops in the first 4 to 6 weeks after childbirth, although sometimes it can develop even after several months. SYMPTOMS: – Depressed                                              – Tired                                               – Sleepless – Irritable                                                  – Appetite changes                         – Hopeless – Unable to enjoy anything                   – Negative and guilty thoughts     – Loss of interest in sex – Anxious                                                  – Avoid other people                      – Thoughts of suicide – Thoughts of death                               – Panic attacks                                 – Wanting to cry – Obsessive fears about […] Read more »

How to help yourself deal with depression

With the Autumn and Winter coming, when there is less light and more darkness outside, it is easier for us to fall into darkness ourselves. Short-lived sadness is something normal and everybody has periods of reoccurring happiness and sadness – this is just the way our lives go. But sometimes the sadness can overpower us and we feel defenceless in its grip. Short-term depression is a natural response to many things: death in the family, loss of a job, marriage or relationship issues, traumatic situations that our lives are full of. But this short-term depression can very easily transform into […] Read more »