Body Speaks – let’s listen to our past and future

Bodies come in all shapes and sizes. Well, I hadn’t discovered anything new here. The thing we keep forgetting about though is that bodies come in all shapes and sizes, and that is OK. What is more, that’s actually far better than OK – it’s wonderful. In the culture that perfect body image sits on such a high pedestal, it is something that is easy to forget. What is perfect body image in our culture? I’m afraid it’s young, enhanced and similar looking. There is not much space for diversity, or for simply getting older. The pedestaled image must remain […] Read more »

New Year Prayer for Compassion

Although I’m trying to pretend I have no idea how it happened, the year 2019 came upon us. Happy New Year Everybody! All the changes and shifts in the air, all the mystery of the beginning of the year, the first month, the winter change brought some thoughtfulness and promises of improvement. As it happens the turn of the year encourages new resolutions and brings on us thoughts of our todays and tomorrows. I don’t like to make New Year Resolutions, because usually by the end of January they are already forsaken and forgotten. I wasn’t planning on making any […] Read more »