Happy New Year

With the phantom of 2020 firmly attached to our backs, we’re looking forward to 2021 with curiosity and a healthy dose of wishful thinking. I truly hope that the end of 2020 has been calm for you, and filled with the promise of returning light, together with blessings of inner-peace,  good food and company. Year 2020 was a year of deep collective shift and initiation. It has been tough, it has been wild and scary, but shifts and changes usually are. But I hope with all my heart that in the midst of all the chaos and turbulence you were also able to receive many gifts, enjoy some down time and kindle in your hearts some excitement for what is to come. We really had time this past year to slow down and look deep inside, into our hearts and souls and into our actions. Are you happy with your life? If yes, that’s wonderful. If not, what would you like to change or improve? Are you happy with its pace? Are you happy with whom you are sharing it or maybe the New Year brings with itself the ideas of change and improvements? Maybe this year, instead of usual New Year resolutions, we will look a little bit deeper and ask the right questions. Questions right for us at this moment in time. Each question will be different, as we are as different as each sunrise and sunset, as different as each face of the moon, as different as each grain of sand. And in those differences lie our beauty and togetherness. In these differences lie the wisdom of life itself. So maybe for this year instead of trying to wade in our old patterns, we will call into life new ones – new ones for us, but ancient in their wisdom. If like me you are looking for something special, I would like to share with you a little gift. Here are the new commandments for the year 2021 taken from the ancestral teachings of the cultures that are able to see and appreciate the light. I’ve taken ones that apply to me. Ones I would like to root deeply in my life. If you agree, create your own, and don’t beat yourself up if you stumble or fall. Just pick yourself up and carry on. Remember – life is not perfect. Perfection is not natural. But in the ability to acknowledge your mistakes and in taking lessons from your life lies real power and strength. Also remember that often true light, love and knowledge is encompassed in the eyes of the creature standing right in front of you. Take time and look deeply in those eyes, you never know what answers hide within.  And these are my wishes to you for the New Year 2021.

10 Ancestral Teachings

1) The Earth is our Mother, care for her.
2) Honour your ancestors through your actions.
3) Open your heart and soul to the Great Spirit/God/Goddess/Divinity.
4) All life is sacred; treat all beings with respect.
5) Take from the Earth what is needed and nothing more.
6) Put the good of all before your own interests.
7) Give constant thanks for each new day.
8) Speak the truth; but only of good in others.
9) Follow the rhythms of nature.
10) Enjoy life’s journey, but leave no tracks.

To the conscious New Year!!

With love,

Agnieszka xx