Musings on life and stress relief tincture recipe

There is a Robin in my garden. He lives here. Accustomed to my presence, he stays near when I go out hoping I have a juicy worm for him. I picked two for him in November, when we were digging a grave for our cat. Accidentally halved by the shovel, the part that didn’t move become a delicious gift for my little neighbor. In appreciation I received his lovely song and a presence free from fear. I enjoy his company. He never quite sits on my hand, but comes so close to it, my energy easily extends to meet his. He is always the first bird to come when I fill the feeder with grain. He is the only one visiting Nemrod’s grave with me. I talk to him enjoying the way he moves his little head and the reflections of the light from his beady eyes. He brings me solace. There were so many graves dug this year. So many goodbyes said, and those that were stopped mid-air never reaching the recipient. So much fear and sadness expressed and so much of it taking roots in our hearts and souls. I suppose each year brings death and sadness, but 2020 was particularly hard in this department. We’ve got used to hearing the number of Covid victims daily, forgetting that each denominator in this equation is a human tragedy, life cut short and families left in mourning. Yet amongst all this misery and fear life goes on. I’m reminded daily of its beauty when I look at my Robin and all the other birds perching in my trees; when I’m sitting in the darkness of my living room waiting for a visit from a fox I’ve been feeding since the spring; when I close my eyes and feel the warmth of the sun on my face; when I look at the clouds and marvel on the blueness of the sky; when I drink cacao from the cup left at my house by my dear friend, who died 18 days before my cat. When I breathe, feel, smell, smile, read and discover – life still has so much to offer. We are still having so much to look forward to. But it’s not always easy to relax into being. I know, as I’m struggling with that too. But we have little helpers we can always turn to when times are dire. I’m talking here about herbs. Here comes the recipe for a tincture that will relax our nervous system and strengthen it against some viruses, especially HSV1 virus responsible for the appearance of dreaded cold sores.


Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera)       30ml

Milky oats (Avena sativa)                           30ml

Eleuthero (Eleutherococcus senticosus) 20ml

St. John’s wort (Hypericum perforatum) 15ml

Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis)               15ml

Combine all the tinctures in a clean bottle and shake well. Take 5ml once a day throughout the month. Continue for at least 3 months, and up to 1 year. If you are going through a really rough patch, double the dose – 5ml twice daily for a month, then reduce to once a day for the next 11 months.

ASHWAGANDHA – is a very powerful yet gentle adaptogen. Adaptogens reduce stress related symptoms and prevent the long-term effects of stress on the body. It helps in promoting a sense of well-being, improves energy and stamina, reduces fatigue, improves immunity, enhances mental concentration and promotes hormonal balance.

MILKY OATS – belongs to herbal nervines. It’s an excellent source of calcium and magnesium and can help ease the stress of challenging changes and dark moods. It is also anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antimicrobial, and calming.

ELEUTHERO – another powerful adaptogen. It has also antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anxiolytic properties, amongst many others.

ST. JOHN’S WORT – is not only an antidepressant herb. It improves mood and decreases nervousness and tiredness. It is a wonderful wound healer, anti-inflammatory, and anxiolytic.   

LEMON BALM – has traditionally been used to improve mood and cognitive function, it can help to reduce symptoms of anxiety; can help ease insomnia and headache, wonderful in treating cold sores. 

Like with everything in life please be aware of contraindications and drug interactions. Herbs are powerful allies, but they do interact with drugs and supplements.


– Pregnant or Breastfeeding!

– Have leukaemia!

– Taking antibiotics!

– Taking antidepressant medicines!

– Taking oral contraceptive!

– Taking immunosuppressant drugs!

– Taking blood thinning medications, ie. Warfarin!

– Taking sedative drugs!

– Taking drugs to treat cancer, heart condition, HIV/AIDS!

– Taking thyroid medication!

-If you have Celiac Disease or are allergic to oats, please remove them from this recipe!

– If you have hypertension (high blood pressure)! 

If you have any questions or would like to tailor this recipe to your own needs, please get in touch with me or contact a qualified practitioner.

Enjoy making and enjoy a peaceful New Year!

With love,