Releasing the Wild Feminine

I am a woman living in a man’s dominated world. It’s not easy – I’m not going to lie. I hear, see, witness, and read about things that upset me and awaken the rage within. I know that all of that comes from the wounds we inflicted upon feminine and masculine over the centuries. I also know the time has come to heal those wounds.

Most Western and Eastern traditions are dismissive and disregarding of the feminine. Their aim – to domesticate and to subdue her wildness, was executed to perfection, because for a very long time the feminine wildness was considered threatening to the masculine. The foundation of society today is masculine by creation, and it requires the suppression of the feminine. Women, as representative of the feminine were domesticated too. They are expected to embody the household chores, raise children, cook, and also work – but preferably to be paid less. In some cultures, they are forbidden to leave the house on their own, forbidden to show their bodies, have an opinion and a voice. They are considered useful for the period their bodies can procreate and give pleasure to men.

Although feminine is embodied by women, the inner feminine is present in each and every one of us – and this is another truth our culture is trying to disregard. In today’s global society men are still encouraged to repress the call of their inner-feminine and hold on to their masculine side with all their might. And women are told that the beauty of the feminine lies in being subdued and small, feeling guilty and ashamed of their body, and striving for perfection that was created artificially in the beauty canons invented by the few. But without this inner balance we are all suffering – the entire world of today.

The feminine needs to be set free in all of us. At the same time the masculine needs to be acknowledged and cherished in all of us as well.

The masculine needs his own essay, but first I would like to concentrate on the feminine, as she is our soul, the flow, the joy, the psyche. Our minds became too enslaved by fact and fake news. Too dependent on structure, that is not strong enough to withhold the changeable way of the flow of nature. So, we collapse over and over – hungry for balance, for contact, for togetherness, craving the flow and the innocence of play. For so many centuries nothing has changed. In the past the wild feminine was persecuted, prosecuted, and burnt at the stake – now we have the fire of social media and fake news doing the same amount of damage. The time has come to learn from the past and invite the wild feminine in. To see her dance, to listen to her story and her song and embody her wisdom.

The wild feminine principle is present in all humans in our DNA and in mitochondria. This connects us deeply to the mother. All religions talk about the first mother, one that we all originate from. Science is proving this religious concept with the theory of the Mitochondrial Eve (our matrilineal most recent common ancestor) – the first mother we are descended from and whose mitochondria we carry within our bodies. But we are often forgetting that we all have another mother – The Earth. The one who holds us, grounds us, nourishes us, sustains us, and gives us an incredible amount of beauty every day of our lives. Yet the Earth is treated in the same way that the feminine is. Humans feel entitled and believe it’s our right to violate her, rape her, steel her resources and give nothing in return. Can you see how it’s working out for us? We’re killing our planet, we’re raping our sisters and mothers and we’re descending into the chasm of darkness, each year deeper, each day approaching the point of no return. The wounded masculine and the wounded feminine are given a voice to weave their nets, overwhelming us, wrapping us up in dogmas that simply don’t work but are leading us to destruction. And we have got to the point where our minds are tired, our bodies are exhausted, and our souls are suffocating and crying out for balance and harmony. Sadly, we can’t change the world all at once. But we can change ourselves and through the ripple effect, affect all. So, I stand here in front of you, with tears in my eyes and I beg you – set your inner-feminine free! Connect deeply with the mother, with your sisters, with your brothers. Connect to the essence of your authenticity and freedom. Release social constraints, orthodoxy, and cultural conformity. Shine your light brightly, without fear, guilt, embarrassment, or restrictions. Dance, sing, play – set your inner-feminine free. Express your long-held dreams, and dream more. Remember that your essence doesn’t fit into a mould created by someone else – it needs freedom and flow to realize itself. Lie on the earth and feel her vibrations, feel that you are part of this beautiful world. Respect, love, give back – set your inner-feminine free. Honour your body and the body of Mother Earth, become the steward of all forms of life. Appreciate the gifts you are receiving daily. Practice compassion, integrity, humility, and gratitude. Practice self-care, walk in nature, focus on abundance – set your inner-feminine free. Co-create your world daily and take responsibility for its well-being. Dream big, dance wild, laugh out loud. Befriend yourself and the world around you. It is time to wake up. It is time for a paradigm shift. It is time to set your inner-feminine free.

So, set her free and see her fly.

With love,


Photo credit: Kasia Drabek