Divine Union: Balancing the Divine Feminine and Masculine within

We’ve been told repeatedly that we can grow through relationships with others. We expect the other to influence us, to raise us up, often save us. We constantly compare ourselves to the other and look to the other as the only way we can be delivered. Without the other we feel lost, forgotten, and unworthy. In that constant conversation we have forgotten the most important relationship there is, the one we should always begin with – the relationship with ourselves. We cannot find in the other anything we cannot find within ourselves. It is here our journey ought to begin. In finding the divine union that has been waiting within. 

The Sacred Union – Hieros gamos – a union many mystic texts describe or hint about. A ‘sacred marriage’ – a taboo, a misinterpreted story telling us that we need a man and a woman to be completed. That sexual alchemy is only possible if the masculine combines with the feminine. Misinterpreted because the feminine and masculine were understood as occupying two separate bodies. But what if I tell you that this divine union is accessible to you right now? The beautiful sacred marriage of your own feminine and masculine – a beautiful union that you hold within.

Here you meet with the Spirit Beloved. Spirit that teaches you what it means to feel love and to be loved. This is the energy of being fully seen, absolutely and unconditionally loved, being free in eros and in passion. This spirit provides safety and allows our hearts to open more and more. The Spirit Beloved is at the same time the Spirit of your True Self. By inviting the consciousness of your True Self, of the Beloved you can merge with it, become one, and through this action you are opening yourself to comprehend and feel all that is. You can heal and balance this energy within.

The divine union isn’t just the union between you and the other. It is returning to yourself; it is returning home. As within you the sacred masculine and sacred feminine dreams the dream of your life. You are the creator/creatrix of this dream. You are your own dreamer, and when you return to yourself, when you find the power and the inner strength, you can also return to humanity as a whole, healed, complete and united person. From this place you can initiate change for yourself and for the better of all. The divine union invites you to deepen the connection within, to embrace yourself fully and to treat yourself like the most important and precious person in the entire world. Give yourself permission to feel that fully. To witness yourself becoming embraced and loved. The more loved and embraced you will feel, the easier it will be to love and embrace others.      

We are all children of the Divine Union between Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. They meet within us, weaving beautiful stories of our lives. Weaving his-story and her-story together within. And through discovering this union we can discover our wholeness within ourselves, each other, and the universe. We can become one with all. We can embody who we were meant to become and shape our destiny.

I would like to invite you to a Divine Union: Balancing the Divine Feminine and Masculine within workshop that I’ve created together with my dear friend and teacher Thomas Marty. During this two-day workshop we will use a mixture of meditation, shamanic journey, ritual, breathwork, visualization and movement to explore what the Divine Union means to you, so you can embody who you are meant to become and shape your destiny. So, you can connect with the Spirit Beloved and allow your True Self to show you your way. So, through healing the masculine and feminine within, you can stand truly in your power and shine your inner light.

The workshop will take place at Abington Barn on Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th November 2023.

Please contact Thomas Marty to book your place by email: [email protected] or telephone: 07955 700066.

I hope to see you there to journey with us within your beautiful inner landscape.

With love,

Agnieszka xx

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