Alchemizing Darkness

There are many kinds of darkness. For me the most terrifying darkness is the one in the heart of man. A vast emptiness overpowering love, kindness, compassion, and humanity. A void that births and creates nothing. A disappearance of all, emptiness, bareness, desolation in the heart of man. This is what horrifies me the most, but this is not the kind of darkness I would like to write about today.    

We are taught to be afraid of the dark from the moment we can comprehend the world. How otherwise would children know that monsters hide in the dark? The darkness in our perception is often the lack of light. The unknown and invisible that gives birth to fear. I’ve heard this amazing acronym of fear once and it changed my perspective on the emotional charge of the word in question. Fear – false expectations alerting reality. It is time to strip the darkness of patriarchal fears. It is time to alert our perception and see the world in a more feminine way. So, what is fearless darkness? Darkness is not a lack of something. Darkness is filled with itself; this is where light has its source. Everything is conceived in darkness, all begins there, in the void – in all and everything. The Darkness that we can find in the void can illuminate knowledge and help us to see what we receive there more clearly. We can experience darkness as a place and as a spirit.

Darkness – the place can be for us the point of illumination, revelation, and perception. It is the gate through. The door into the micro and macrocosm. The womb is central to this understanding, as through within, she is the portal to the void without. We always carry the void within us, and we have access to it through our bodies. And when I’m saying that we carry the void within, it doesn’t mean that we are the carrier of destruction and nothing, it means that we carry within the possibility – the darkness of creation and wisdom. We are just taught to believe otherwise. Darkness can be a doorway into us as women but also into a void itself. The blackness between the stars, the dark fertile soil, the darkness of the tomb, the darkness of the womb – all feminine mysteries begin with darkness. It is up to us women to befriend it, journey through it, and bring back the wisdom and the answers to the questions asked.

Darkness – the spirit can become our irreplaceable ally. An ally that can help us to travel through the micro and macrocosm of our being. Consequently, the great below and the great above can meet and alchemize the great within. Hence, when we venture into the unknown and sometimes scary territory, we are not alone, we have a companion, guide, and a teacher.

I’m talking here about the being of the forgotten feminine – An Ancient One. She, who stood at the creation of everything. She, who took part in that creation. The other half of God, his mirror image. She, who was erased from the holly scriptures, and thrown into the pit with demons and fallen angels. It happened over thousands of years of his-story. Forgetting, fueled by the ‘holy’ fires of the inquisition, by the holy fire of fear. And the false expectations alerted our reality for a very long time. And fear took root and grew in our hearts.

Whatever our beliefs are we must remember that we are never truly far from darkness. You are connecting with her every time you close your eyes, every time you blink. With each dream you worship her velvety expanse. With each dream journey you are allowing new creations to be born. With each dream you are making the world a better place. We all dream in the darkness; we all need her to feel and comprehend the depths of our humanity. We are all the priestesses of the feminine mysteries.

I would like to invite you to remember.  Remember the Ancient Mother, remember your time in the womb, remember the wisdom of the womb you are carrying within you now. Remember your beginning and your end. Alchemize the Darkness within and without.

Alchemizing Darkness, the online workshop for women:

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