Gluten-free oat and cranberry cookies

Happy Spring Everyone! We are all on a slight home arrest. Covid-19 spread its tentacles all over the world, and the world stood still. We are at home with our children; better and worse halves; pets (who probably can’t believe their luck) and the cupboards full of toilet rolls As we are now on lock-down and should leave our houses only when we absolutely have to, I suppose quick escapades to our local shop for a ‘midnight snack’ have come to an end as well (she sobbed quietly in her tissue, washing her hands straight after). So let’s welcome home […] Read more »

Gluten free oat berry muffins

My friends all know how much I love food. I do truly it’s one of the loves of my life. I was devastated when two years ago I had to remove gluten from my diet. I’m not a gourmet chef, I’m actually no chef at all, and when I looked at the list of things I wouldn’t be able to eat, I felt like crying. I actually did cry – that’s how much I love food. But two years down the line, after embracing the impossible and removing most dairy products from my diet, I’m improving – health wise and […] Read more »