Reiki for Pregnancy and Birth

Reiki Pregnancy Training

Assisting your partner through pregnancy and childbirth with Reiki can provide the space and support that will enable her to experience a beautiful, centred and empowered birth. It can be tremendously gratifying for the birth partner to be able to provide an additional source of help, pain relief, love and attention, creating a deeply shared connection between two people.

Reiki can help with birth preparation, easing pregnancy ailments (physical discomfort, back and nerve-based pain and aiding sleep and relaxation), during labour and the postnatal period (it can speed and facilitate healing on both physical and emotional levels).

Many birth partners are looking for ways to get involved and to provide as much support as possible through the pregnancy, the birth and afterwards. Reiki is a tool to allow you to provide this support. For this course I combine my Reiki expertise with my experience as a doula to advise about positions and healing, particularly during labour, but also throughout the pregnancy, birth and postnatal cycle. During the course you will be attuned to Reiki Level I and you will learn how you can help your partner during labour. You will learn hand positions for pregnancy and birth. Please contact me for course details and prices. 

I am a fully qualified Reiki Master/Teacher based in Cambridge.

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