Is it really that difficult to meet Lilith?

We all know the story of Eve – first woman fashioned from Adam’s rib. Created for man to serve and bear children. But how many of us know Lilith’s story? Not so many, as our patriarchal tradition decided to forsake this rebel. Although, she may be forgotten by Christianity, Judaism knows her name despite the fact that she is not spoken of that often. But Lilith was the true first woman – wife to Adam, created from the same matter he was. Created in equality with the man and given the power of choice, the voice and independence, and Lilith has chosen. The story has it, she had had enough of lying underneath Adam during sexual intercourse, and when asked to change he refused, she decided to leave and start life on her own.  When she left the Garden of Eden, devastated and miserable Adam bent God’s ear for so long until the Almighty sent three of his angels to bring her back. Legend has it she refused the angels, God and Adam. She had had enough. During her journey out of Eden she met Samael, the Fallen Angel and started a new relationship with the new lover. How the patriarchal story ends? Adam got a new wife, created from his rib, so she won’t have any rebellious ideas. Lilith on the other hand got cursed, the ability to bear children was taken away from her and she became not only a Demon herself but also the Mother of all demons – feared, cursed and forgotten. What is the reason behind me telling you this story? Sadly, the world is populated with subdued and invisible women, with sexually curious Eves. Even though we would think that after so many sexual revolutions we can call ourselves free, capable, knowledgeable, embodied deeply and comfortable with our bodies… but can we really? Female sexuality and body is still a taboo not only in the world but also in our culture. Even though we call ourselves a developed nation, for many the mystery of yoni is hard to face. Patriarchy gives us three options – virgin, mother and whore. In some countries the options are only two – the virgin-mother and the whore. Yet what lies in between the two polar opposites is covered with a shred of mystery, fear and darkness. This is where female sexuality lies. I call it the void of Lilith. Let me talk to you for a moment about this void.

 I believe we tend to think that our freedom rests with the amount of sexual partners we can have. That we freed ourselves to pick and choose and that is enough. But what if I tell you that the true freedom lies in the deep knowledge of your own body, in living in accordance with your cycles, in living with pleasure and with expansion? If you have no knowledge about all wonders I’ve mentioned above can you really call yourself free? Remember that knowledge is power. Patriarchy figured that out long time ago and started to burn all women who knew. And we became frightened of this knowledge – knowledge of the Burning Woman. But the need for it is ablaze in our hearts and in our bodies. It is time to answer this call. It is time to come back to basics – to come back to the real you. Sexual energy is the energy that gives us life – to all of us, men and women alike. It gives us spontaneity, creativity, freedom of expression. It gives us pleasure in life, self-worth and beauty. It gives us respect, tenderness, care, sensitivity, compassion and expands our capacity. As you open to more pleasure you gain more confidence and general happiness. Your nervous system relaxes and moves you from survival into thriving. Your life and body begins to self-regulate. You tap into your being, into your body, you slow down, and you start to see the beauty that surrounds you – even in Covid times. The practice of embodiment takes patience, takes time, takes up space, but then suddenly you are starting to take up space as well. You give yourself permission; you release shame, stay open and curious; because you are such an interesting, beautiful and amazing creation. And the path to this knowledge is paved not only with curiosity, but also with being kind and loving to yourself – as true love is cultivated from the foundation of self-love, self-discovery and self-acceptance. You are perfect as you are! But who are you? Wouldn’t you like to know? I would. Your body wisdom is a story of sensuality, of pleasure. Sexuality is a key part of who we are, entangled in our everyday life. If we can feel the fire within, we can feel free in our life and we can conquer the world. And if we feel the fire within, we can claim our pleasure and we can start feeling that constant contraction doesn’t really serve us. From there we can begin to move from contraction into expansion, and we can free ourselves to explore the true meaning of pleasure, of orgasm, of life. And then we become truly embodied within our lives, truly present; and we can start making truly embodied decisions. And then we know ourselves and our sacredness, and we understand the meaning of life. And the void of Lilith becomes the fullness of life itself. And from a demon stored in the darkest parts of your unconscious, you become yet again the fully fledged Goddess – the Goddess of your own realm, of your body, of your mind and of your sexuality; and then you can achieve it all and bring happiness to the entire world. Isn’t it time we claimed our equality back? Isn’t it time we re-kindled our inner-fires? Isn’t it time we came together as sisters to support each other and our growth? Isn’t it time? I am ready to claim my rightful place! I am ready to embody my life! I am ready to meet Lilith! Are you? Will you join me?